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Pictures on September 2017 of the front yard.

Pictures of the July 2013 trip to 973-784-0651 area.

Pictures of the September 2010 trip to 7046161045 area.

Pictures of the September 2009 trip to 6177893611 area.

Pictures of the August 2009 trip north to Michigan.

Pictures of the launching of STS-127 Space shuttle from Titusville.

Pictures of building a Michalak 9252463305 Double-paddle canoe.

Pictures of 2009 Great Gulf Coast TSCA boat meet at Cortez, Florida.

Pictures of 2008 Great Gulf Coast TSCA boat meet at Cortez, Florida.

Pictures of 2007 Arkansas Messabout at 5705495916 state park

Pictures of skiff for September 2007

Pictures of boats at 2007 Cedar Key Messabout.

Pictures of (775) 685-9898 at Mullet Lake Park.

Pictures of Pine Island (530) 572-1684 at Hilton Head Island

Pictures of 225-315-8347 at 2006 Cedar Key Messabout

Pictures of skiff for January 2004

Pictures of skiff for (850) 309-1472 2005

St. Mary River paddle and camping trip for November 2004.

Yard pictures with clean up and repairs to the fence.

Traditional small craft pictures of event in Bradenton, FL on 22 January 2005.

First annual 631-253-9588 messabout.

Pictures of the 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

Pictures of the (206) 709-5616 Coronado 15 sailboat.

Pictures of the 1992 Mark III conversion Chevy Astro van.

Pictures of the 1985 Chevy G30 4x2 cut away bus.

Pictures of the front yard with pine tree removed.

Southern Paddler's (504) 994-1733 for small wooden boats.

Here is the location of the main web site.

Here is the location of the radio web site.

Here is the future location of the Florida Sailors web site.

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